Where there is a will there is a way

Some People say that "I just do not get time to do this."Some say "I have better work to do, do not have time.".But after all its your health and health is wealth. So work, but please take care of yourself.Unless there is nothing you will get. Infact its good to be busy but its always bad to be busy for nothing. If it takes 2 more days to make yourself feel better, then take 2 days leave and take rest.But when you go back to work start the work and never feel tired.But being to work 2 days before and falling ill again after 4 days is a bad thing. I will say its better to judge yourself.Because noone else can say anything about your personal being.So be true to yourself. I drive myself by the proverb "Where there is a will, there is way". So if you want to achieve something, you will get a path.But the "will" has to be there.Nothing is impossible.


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