Getting into Action

Here we will take a quick look at Actionscript as a beginner. First question is, what is "actionscript" ?

The simple answer is, this is a scripting language. Flash uses it to add interactivity in side a flash movie (swf).

The very next thing will come to our mind is where can I put or write these scripts? Flash's user interface comprises of different pannels. So action scripting is written in "Actions pannel".But we can not just open our "Actions pannel" and write our whatever actions(or scripts).There is a rule to it, which says what actioins can go in where.We will talk about that later.For the timebeing, lets say we want to write some actions.We can do this and place our actions at 3 different places in our flash environment; namely

1 . Key frame

2. Button instances*

3.MovieClip instances*

* When we put a button/Movieclip symbol from library to Stage, it becomes an instance of the button/MovieClip on Libray, instance means duplicate.

After placing a Movieclip instance in stage, if we select it and open properties pannel, then we can see a textinput field where we can name the particular instance in stage.This name is very important because through actionscript whatever we have to write, we have to refer to this name not the name of the movieclip symbol in Library.

Ok,coming back to Actions,we can select a keyframe in main timeline and open our actions pannel and write the script. We can also select a movieclip instance then open the actions pannel and write scripts.Or we can select a button instance, open the actions pannel and write actions.


One thought on “Getting into Action

  1. Hi,
    This is very informative site especially for a beginner like me. I tried out the examples depicted here. The precise demonstration of the scripting has enhanced my confidence about scripting. The step-by-step explanation is very easy to comprehend.
    It would be useful if you put more such information about web site designing and other stuff related to this.

    All the best to you in anticipation that I’ll see more such examples in near future.


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