Output panel

Lets open Flash IDE(integrated development environment) and create a new file.Now go to "window" menu, right on top menu bar.If you scroll down, you can see a lot of things, but all of them are related to the flash authoring environment.Basically all the submenus here are to open or close a panel/toolbar in our flash environment.Now if we go down and click "Output", flash will open up a panel named "Output". For a newbe as it happened to me too, the "Output" panel seems to be nothing but confusion. For what can anybody use that?!! Well, seems to be a valid question from a new commer to actionscript.
This panel is most important of all the panels.What ? ! Yes, you heard it right. Humen are prone to make mistakes and this panel comes in handy when we are trying to look for errors.We will see that later, but keep in mind that you should know how this pannel works?
"Output" panel is just a message panel, you can show your messages here or if you run into a problematic state Flash automatically displays the error message in this panel. the method to send messages to this panel is "trace()". We will use this method to send messages to this pannel at anytime we want.
Now in a blank flash document, select the first frame and open actions panel, type in the follwing script

trace("Hello world");

Now, test your movie. You can see "Output" panel has come up displaying your message


On our examples we will use this panel extensively.
So keep outputting ;)


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