“this” is me

Sometimes its necessary to refere to ourselves. Ha ha, right now I have said so "ourselves", "I" . So how a flash movie or movieclip will say so ?? Well the answer is "this" .What ? Yes, the answer is "this".Like the way we say "its my shirt.".In flash's environment it is known as "this".
Open one flash document and type in the following script in the first frame

Now if you test your movie you will see "_level0" in the output window. Well whats that? That is actually the name of the movie. To understand it better, if you have a name as "Joe" adn somewhere you are saying that "I am great." then actually that sentence meant "Joe is great" is not it?

Lets make a movieclip and name it on stage as "myClip".Now modify our script so it is read as


Now if you test your movie it will show the following result in your output window


Thats because it is saying exactly where is our clip.If we are interested in just the name of our clip then our script will look like


The results of this will look as


Thats how we target a movie or clip from inside itself.


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