A look at AutoCAD 2007

Hi guys,

Its really a great thing when I look at Autocad after 2 long years.Now its AutoCAD2007.I happened to come across one office and saw one was using AutoCAD. I simply asked which version it is to my curiousity, it turned out to be 2007. As an architect by qulification, AutoCAD is always a thing to look at first.So I go ahead and asked him about teh new version.But I could not find the answer toall my questions, as he was just using it to draft his documents.So I thought I will take a look at it.I asked him, if I can sit in his pc for soetime.Well, fortunately I got sometime at lunch time.The things I explored there and then searching on the net for more information regarding the current version, blown me.The way autoCAD really going is too good.

The first thing I like about it is new rendering engine, “Mental Ray”.Yeah, you are listening right.Mental ray rendering engine is built inside AutoCAD 2007.Can u imagine, the thing we were searching for years, finally came inside AutoCAD.No more DXF export.No more DWG/DXF import. No more other 3D rendering software.Its happening here only.AutoCAD can produce the same quality image as your 3DsMax, with precession.WOW.There is a comparision PDF, just look at this.

This seems AutoCAD is now aiming towards 3D.Most of the features in AutoCAd 2007 is towards 3D.You can edit vertex(A basic functionality for any proffessional 3D modelling tool), with precession.Is not that awesome.

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8 thoughts on “A look at AutoCAD 2007

  1. Heya saumya. This is “pigpen” from flashmove. I came to check out your blog. Nice stuff. The “cheat sheet” entry really came in useful.

    BTW, since you post a lot of code and using the (wonderful) wordpress engine, you may want to check out the numerous code plugins that will format your code and make it look all nice and presentable in your blog entries.

    Code Autoescape

    Flash Text Formatter v0.6

    And a list of many more here:

    Not sure which is the best so you’ll have to experiment

  2. Hi pigpen,
    Its really nice hearing from my FlashMove friends. Thank you for your encouraging words.
    I was thinking of the formating, but could not found a solution.Now I got from you.I am definitely going to check them out.

  3. Glad I could be of help to a fellow FlashMover.

    I should comment on this blog entry itself as well. I’ve never used AutoCAD and it wasn’t really available to me when I took my only drafting class when I was 11 years old, where you just had a slide ruler, a drafting table and a pencil to work with, but I liked drawing so I did very well in that class and did ponder about being an Architect.

    I do have experience with Mental Ray, as I know Maya, and its a fine renderer. Not surprising that Mental Ray is available to AutoDesk now that they bought Alias|Wavefront (which includes Maya). Although I found Mental Ray a bit harder to use and while it gives very nice results, I actually liked 3DS Max renderer as it was easier to get global illumination renderings which simulated sunlight on my 3d objects, giving it a nice diffused and realistic look It was a cheat and not true GI, but gave faster results than Mental Ray. I haven’t used the more recent incarnation of MR, so perhaps its more user friendly these days. It is though, once you learn it, a more sophitsicated renderer than 3DS Max’s built-in one.

    Just curious what you are using AutoCAD for these days?Architectural/Engineering work? How was AutoCAD’s default renderer? Was it different than 3DS Max’s?

  4. hi pigpen,
    Its really nice to get you here.
    I had gone through all your links and to incorporate those plugins, I must run WordPress

    on my webserver.But I am actually using “WordPress” default server.SO no way I can install

    those plugins, unless WordPress supports them by themselves in their server.No worry.I am

    hoping to get that from them.
    Well, regarding AutoCAD, I myself is an Architect by qualification and worked as an

    Autodesk Support Engineer for 1 year for one of Autodesk’s Channel partner.Despite that, I

    am a lover 3D and do that since my college days.So I keep doing experiments and occasional

    teachings to my friends and known fellows.I generally visit my friends’ office to be in

    touch with my Architectural knowledge.As you know currently I am working as a Sr. Web

    Developer, I seldom get chance to work in my qualified proffessional field.So I keep in

    touch with my architect friends and visit their office often.There I help them update

    their knowledge and give them tips and tricks. sometimes do 3D renedrings for their

    I am a 3DsMax fellow, unlike you a (MAYA). But as I said I keep experimenting, I have used

    most of the 3D softwares like MAYA, SOFTImage and 3DsMAX.Now I am trying my hands on

    Blender, a opensource 3D Software.
    Menta Ray (MR) was there with 3DsMAX, well before Autodesk took over MAYA. Mental Ray is a

    Rendering engine, it has nothing to take with MAYA. Every proffessional 3D software seems

    to incorporate MR for their rendering engine.Maya has it, SoftImage has it(infact its the

    first one to had this), 3DSMAX has it and I think LightWave is having it(not sure).
    My point in this post is, Autodesk now incorporated MR in AutoCAD, though AutoDesk 3DSMAX

    already has it, AutoCAD never had a true rendering engine.It was only depending upon its

    own scanline renderer.Accurander was the first plugin to exist inside AutoCAD for quality

    rendering.But now Autocad is matured enough as a 2d Drafting package.So the improvements

    are now taking place in its 3D capabilities.The last release is the most proficient

    release of AutoCAD, if we talk about 3D inAutoCAD and Rendering capabilities of the

    Regarding the final out is important in a 3D software.It does not depend how you do it.So

    if you can produce life like image without using any advance technologies like MR, no

    probs.In the end its the picture that matters.So its great that you can produce images of

    good qulity with jus tthe default scanline renderer.
    These are all tools to help you build a good image and with lesser time and effort.If you

    can do it by yourself without using them, thats your greatness.But it will take a lot off

    experience to do that. You have to think of “Leonardo Da Vinci”.He is the man, created the

    best paintings, when there were no modern materials are there.So its all about your

    creativity, tools will keep coming.
    But for a newbe andamature artist, these new tools coem in handy to produce proffessional

    quality stuff.

    fianally, thanks for being here. :)

  5. Glad you checked out the plug-ins. Hopefully you’ll find a solution from WordPress.

    Thanks for the info on AutoCAD, and your experience with it. I was a film major in school, before I become a web developer so I had some interest in 3D so I took classes in Maya, as well learning 3DS Max on my own, but I’m no means an expert. I can do just enough to make for my needs — special effects for Flash animation, or creating 3D game models for FPS games like Half-Life, UT 2004, etc. I would often times switch between 3DS Max and Maya depending on what I wanted to do, often using both programs to finish one project.

    Texturing was easier in Maya for me, but at the time I liked the poly tools better in 3DS Max so I’d build my poly character in Max then texture it in Maya. But Maya really beefed up there poly tools so I’m pretty happy with Maya in that regard now.

    I’ve heard good things about Blender, especially in regard to developing models quickly. I’ll have to check it out sometime. So much I want to try out but so little time. Been meaning to experiment with Combustion more because of its nice particle effects, and as a more powerful alternative to Adobe After Effects. And on the webside, I still want to go deeper into Ruby with Rails, as well as get caught up to speed with .NET 2.0 and C#.

    Its very true what you said about Leonard Da Vinci. The programs we have today are just tools, which is only limited by one’s imagination.

  6. Hi pigpen,
    this is really nice meeting you and knowing you as a person. I have a friend who is a game maniac.All the time plays the games. He is a very good resource to me about whats going on in gaming industry.The games you have mentioned are really high profile games! Have you created characters for Half-life ?!! Then I need to learn from you the character modelling, which I am lacking in.And also the UVW-Unwrap.I never get the results I wanted and still struglling to make a football with texture.Though I am a very good arhitectural model maker and a good lighting artist with textures for buildings, but I feel constrained when it comes to curvilinear models and texturing them.
    All the best for your future plans regarding the programs you want to learn :)

  7. Yep. I got character models into Half-Life the first one, which used the Quake engine. I haven’t tried getting models into Half-Life 2, which is the Source engine, but I imagine it would be fairly easier as its been designed to get models in fairly easily.

    I did get my character models into Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004, which was beastly to do as I had to figure out a lot of the stuff on my own. Hardest part was figuring out how to get my rigging done in some form that UT would recognize.

    Yeah texturing. That can be a science of its own. Took me a while to figure out how to unwrap skins and put them back. I bought a book or two that had a helpful chapter on the topic.

    The two helpful areas in learning how to make 3d game models and texturing them were:



    Polycount is devoted just to game modeling and has industry veterans on the site. The forums are great.

    3dbuzz is a great general 3d site, that has great free videos on a variety of topics (Maya, 3ds MX, Houdini, etc). Great forums too. Has some game character modeling videos that are really good. Paid members get access to more stuff, which I was for awhile, but its amazing how much free stuff you can get without being a paid member too.

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