Adobe CS3, Photoshop rocks

CS3 Launch at Mumbai, India
I had attended the Adobe CS3 India lunch yesterday. It was a whole day event but full of surprises from Adobe. After acquisition to Macromedia, the products from Adobe and late Macromedia has matured like anything. I was stunned with the amount of things come into Photoshop. One can really map 3D Objects inside Photoshop, previously all these kinds of things were either done inside the 3D softwares or third party programs like DeepPaint, Deep Exploration etc. You can bring your 3D object into Photoshop and add new Maps to it.Then if you like you can rotate the object to your need and there you go, all the sides of one object is right inside your Photoshop, no need to goo back to 3D software render from another angle and bring that image to Photoshop.Ohh, yes when you bring the 3D objects inside Photoshop, it brings all the textures applied to the object in 3D software too. So if you just want to edit one map, you can edit it in photoshop itself.Again, no need to edit the map in photoshop, go back to 3D application, reapply the map, render and bring the image to Photoshop. Its such a real time saver. There are lot many cool things, but I like this most about Photoshop CS3.


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