Linux powered ( the distros I like )

Its my desktop and I want a easy to install, easy to use yet feature rich, graphics rich, multimedia Operating System which must perform with very high speed. Oh yes I tried all those people are talking about. But to the Operating System ( OS ) I like the most is Linux. Well, then I must talk about the distro I like unless it is not a complete statement for linux world is too much more than just one choice.

Ubuntu : Simple and elegant GUI, though installation of additional softwares might be a pain for newbie.

Kubuntu :  Cool graphics GUI. I would say must for those who want to shift to Linux but want a Windows like GUI. But Its much more than that. You have a got a whole lot of options to speak of GUI here and the power of Ubuntu.

KNOPPIX : Cool UI like Kubuntu and  it has a lot of softwares already inside it. So are productive right out of the pack. If you have a friend, who uses other OS, then take him to surprise by showing him how this OS Looks and works. Similar look and much enriched user experience in terms of navigation.


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