Flex goes Open Source

Hi, its really nice to know how Adobe is going. After it took over Macromedia, I thought all the tools from Macromedia will not get the much needed love from Adobe, but its surprising that Adobe is really serious about its products and it shows from all the activities going on in Adobe. Today, Adobe annouced that Flex is going opensource. Wow, wow I am stunned. Its amazing and just superb. Previously with the free SDK the libs were only thing to be available, but now starting from ASC ( Actionscript 3 compiler ) to MXMLC ( MXML compiler ) are going to be opensource. Do you knwo what that means ? All those Opensource IDE s, which use different methods to “code-hint”, “compilation” etc can make use of Flex Original compiler and that is a huge thing for any developer as there may be many IDEs of choice. But thats only part of the ice berg. Wait to be taken away by Flex. Here is the press release. Cheers Adobe.


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