7 wonders of the world !! huh

Can election make an wonder ? Can humen decide GOD ? HUH.
God always gives hints of his presence and these are beyound mere human mind.

Tree in Nalgonda ( Andhra Pradesh ), India

This tree is at Nalgonda(A.P), India. If you look closely there are a lot of animal figures in it.

beauty of natureimage002.jpgimage005.jpgimage0031.jpgTree in Nalgonda ( Andhra Pradesh ), India

I should have posted photos in a photo sharer services and linked them here.But the amount of anxiety and astonishment in my mind told me to put them here only. People must not loose their attention from the topic.Ok, So the point is how much we think we know about the world, there is always much more to know.


Respect nature and save it.


All the creatures are under one shade shows tree is life for everything. In this world when no body thinks before cutting down a tree ( should say forest ), this tree shows a hint to save the mother nature. We can think of as if GOD himself teaching us in his blackboard.

I will call this Wonder of the world not the man made monuments, which by somehow re-makable, but can human create such a wonderful thing. Up to you, you can argue with your logic, which you know is not correct or accept the truth.


:) with love, saumya.


51 thoughts on “7 wonders of the world !! huh

  1. Saumya,

    This is really awesome!!! cant believe it. you are sure that this is not carved & is natural ???


  2. Hi Phani,
    Though I am not completely sure, but I can not find any reason anybody will go into such a place and carve in a tree ( Though possible ). Can you look at the environment arround ? It seems to be inside a thick greenery.
    Some of my friends here in my company say those are carved but not completely. According to them the tree already has these animal like shapes in it, so the carving is to make it more visual for everybody.
    Well, I think its a mystery to be solved but I personally think its real.Once get more info about it, I will post it here.
    saumya :)

  3. Can you pls guide me to the location of the tree? Me & my friends want to go there to see this wonderful tree. I mean is it in the proper town Nalgonda or outskirts? Pls guide.

  4. No idea Prashant. I got this mail from one of my friends as I have mentioned already.
    By the way if you want to go, let me know, I also want to join the team (Provided I get leave from office :) ).

  5. Those who think they are GOD, stay away. Knowing a thing is good and to let others know is better, but to talk nonsense is devilish and for that I removed some comments of “Spoil your Mystery” and do that always.I never consider things(not human even) who says they are GOD.

  6. hi soumyaray. this ia ramesh from nalgonda itself.
    inever heard about this tree………
    and i think it is an false information……..
    any way if it is real, its really going to be a great wonder…………
    actually where it is?
    i want to know the actual place in nalgonda………
    can u tell me that place ????????//
    i want to go there and have to see the real tree…
    any way we should proud of that tree………….

  7. hi Ramesh, who is soumyaray ?

    Its really nice to meet you.I was searching for a person who can give me the frist hand information regarding the same. As I have mentioned, I got this images and infromation through a mail from one of my friends. I could not hold myself from sharing it.So, the article is here.But to make things confirmed, if you can giver me the details of the tree it will be nice for both of us.

    As “Spoil your Mystery” says in one of the comments, this tree is actually at Animal Kingdom in Disney World. If you go through the comments, he has given us link to see it also. So, I think I got a wrong information in the mail.But anyway this tree is nice to look and enjoy.

  8. i dont now whats the truth… about this tree.if something is thr …real tree plz lat me now..i love to make a photo story about this tree….i am based in London as a photographer.if you find any truth on this tree then send me any news or detail..thankS in advance..
    Arun Nangla
    Flat # 16, Bentham House,
    5 Falmouth Road, London SE1 4JY
    Mobile +44 (0) 7928 106107

  9. This tree is not in India but from Disney Land’s “Animal Kingdom – Tree of Life”. So this is wrong circulation and not wonder of nature.

  10. how dopey can you get!!! And stop speculating on the damn tree, we’ve already established it’s man-made/man-carved!!

    No miracles here people!

  11. Hi people,
    I am not spreading the thing after getting the response from ‘Spoil your Mystery’ and clearly mentioned that in my very next comment.
    “As “Spoil your Mystery” says in one of the comments, this tree is actually at Animal Kingdom in Disney World. If you go through the comments, he has given us link to see it also. So, I think I got a wrong information in the mail.But anyway this tree is nice to look and enjoy.”
    So read out the comments too, if you are reading the blog. That will give you clear idea about whats going on here.

  12. Hi,
    I think it is not true. Because by birth I am in Nalgonda District but I dont know this is in Nalgonda. This may be some photoshop trick.

    Chandra sekhar
    Nalgonda dist

  13. This is clearly a photoshop trick…but i heard in some news channel that there is a very big tree in nalgonda dist…but that was a banyan tree

  14. hi saumya can you plz give me the directions to this place from hyderabad……..i am planning to visit this place for next weekend

  15. hi prathap,
    I also thought to make a trip. But it seems I have posted some wrong information here by just believing in my friend, who sent this information on his mail. If you go through the comments, you will find that this is not actually natural, but man made and is not in India but in Disney land (look at the comment above by “Spoil your Mystery”). I think I should remove the post. But again I found it is necessary to keep it here as a matter of wrong email forwarding practice.
    So I am sorry, the tree is man made and at Disney land.

  16. Dear Friends,

    This tree is not in Nalgonda district. Today i.e.10-08-2007 Telugu Newspaper weekly magazine given the details about the tree. This tree is in florida Disney Theme Pak. It was built in 1998.

  17. Hi Saumya weather it is real or natural doesnot matters, what matters is the message it is revealing, that is nature is the shelter for all animals thank you

  18. Hi, Soumya

    Actualy I recieved a mail of all these picture through my friend and i got amazed and was curious to visit the place So,I thought of searching it on net and then i came know about the truth behind these picture.But anyways thank for your post

  19. I need to know how to reach there from nalgonda bus stand or railway station.
    If I missed it. I missed a lot. It is just 100 miles from hyderabad or even less.
    Can some one help me

  20. Seriously man, dont you read the prvious comments before posting one?? atleast the first few…

    How many times can she give the same answer… :P

    Saumya, I ended up here by a google search about a mail I got… :D

  21. Hey Sharat87,
    BTW thanks to point out a point for the people who comment here or any other blog.
    Read the blog, the comments and then post.

  22. that’s a fake one! that so called “mysterious world tree” is exactly located at Disneyland. ANIMAL KINGDOM! nyahaha! i made a researched a while ago. At first, i thought it was real, but then, it’s a fake one! so please, stop sending fake photos or whatever.. haha! peace out!

  23. U know all these guys who have written all moron stuffs here like Migz, kiku, Varsha Halai, Sonesh etc are actually Desaster happened on earth. Ask me why???????????? U know guys I am really not sure whether Saumya is a guy or gal, however that person had 100 times admitted that he/she was wrong & the tree is actually at Disney not in Andhra so plz spare the blog. If u cant write good like Mahesh then just shut ur crappy business of talking shit. Mind ur business ok now do this ne no ne no neeenoooooooo


    There is such a place named ‘Andra Pradesh’ in India but if you do a search, you will not find anything about this tree in a temple named NALGONDA.

    Don’t make it your life long ambition to find this tree in India because it is actually in Disney Land’s “Animal Kingdom” located at Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida. It is called the “Tree of Life”.

  25. Hi Saumya/Sapndana/All,

    whre are you from … i hve this in news channel … but they dint give the correct location about this tree in Nalgonda…. did anyone knows the correct location……. ?


  26. Hi Saumya/Sapndana/All,

    whre are you from … i hve this in news channel … but they dint give the correct location about this tree in Nalgonda…. did anyone knows the correct location……. ? i tried searching the exact location … but no use…. “EVEN MEDIA HAS PUBLISHED THIS NEWS WITHOUT CORRECT INFORMATION”


  27. Hi Sunitha,

    Do u thing r v fools ….. all are asking the same question……………….. “EXACT LOCATION”
    even Media is not in a position to locate it…. now tell wht do u want………..



  28. thanks everyone for repeatedly posting which has already been posted earlier ..the way the comments follow its funny ….
    1 guy whr the location …
    2 there is no location…
    3 its in diseny land…
    4 so basically how to get there….
    5 its a miracle…
    6 its in disenyland…
    ….heheh dudes and girls awesome it was fun reading all the crap…

  29. Hey Guys,

    Leave that tree, but if you want to see one of that kind of tree then you can visit golkonda fort,hyderabad where you can find a tree named ‘elephant tree/hatyan ka jahad’. I’ve been there and its not a fake. Please click on the link below for more details and how to reach there.


  30. Hi,

    I am sorry to say but this tree story is not true. Google it and you will find that this one is in an animal kingdom in Orlando. But thanks for showing these amazing pics.

    Could you please tell me which theme have you used here? it will help me a great deal.


  31. where is the particular location of that tree at nalgonda district pls i want to know the information about that tree. if u have any information pls send me a mail.

  32. This must be a fake photography.In today’s technical world, a college boy can easily do this. It’s highly highly improbable to have it been grown on its own.

  33. I am glad spoil your mystery mentioned the correct location of the tree which is a model and not a real tree otherwise we would have had so much build up of Hindu belief on this forum , is next thign we would have seen is people printing the picture of this tree and hanging it in their home or workplcases and start worshipping it.

    I think the writer of the blog is also one such type and is not correcting this blog entry.

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