Architecture after a long time

After almost 3 years, I got a chance to work for my old profession(Architecture). This was a quick presentation(a conceptual presentation) for one of my friend in a remote location. He was suppose to get the new client and this presentation was the key. On the other hand, my dear friend had no idea how much work has to be done to convince the client.All he and his office were doing for all the day long was the plans of the hotel.But what about the presentation !!? So in the night around 9PM he called me up and asked whether we can finish it up by today itself (till the next morning).I said yes, a it was the SAT evening and I was searching for a work to get myself refreshed of the current software development works.
Below, is one of the images from the above presentation.From ground up it took me 5 hrs to complete the whole presentation.Amazing, not because I have done it, but because the software is awesome.


Here is the story,I got all the plans from my friend at around 10PM.The first thing came to my mind was Autodesk Revit (its built on BIM technology).I started of the work in REVIT, since I was not in touch for a long long time, it took me some time to get into the speed.I quickly started building the Hotel and around 3AM in the morning, I was almost done with the presentation.The plans, sections, sectional perspectives, exterior perspectives and all the views with shadows :). The experience was awesome and I seriously feel bad about my fellow architects who are still doing their job in AutoCAD.Must try REVIT.


I mailed my friend all the jpgs produced and hit bed around 4AM in the morning.My friend called me up around 8AM and asked how can you made all these in such a small time.I answered with “REVIT”.Well, I am neither a sales person nor promoting Revit in any fashion.But the only thing I would say is “If you are an Architect and doing Architectural projects, whether small or big, must try Revit”.Today, my dear friend is presenting the client, I hope all the best for him.


2 thoughts on “Architecture after a long time

  1. Well, after all those hard work, I got the message from my friend that his meeting with the client was a great success. The client was impressed with the presentation.
    Those are a lot of reason for me to be happy about.Thanks to Revit, it saved me a friendship :)

  2. Great Job. Revit structure helped me finish a project of six towers residential complex with a podium in six weeks (300 Layouts)(file 98mg)
    without revit i would have never dreamed of doing this project by myself in this time.

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