India won the Worldcup twenty-20 cricket :)


This is really a long long time since I posted anything here.Well, partly because I was busy watching twenty-20 cricket world cup. First some matches I missed and that was intentional as our team was not performing well. But after India beat England :) and Yuvraj scored 36 out of 6 deliveries ( all 6s to a over ) with the quickest 50 ( out of 12 balls ), something inside me started burning. I said to myself, you must watch one match at least. So I started watching from India-SoutAfrica match.To my surprise our team played in a manner which I have never seen since I have started watching cricket from my childhood. They were ruling in all the time, whether its bowling, batting or fielding.The captaincy of Dhoni is rock solid but cool and calm. And finally today India beat Pakistan to win the first twenty20 Worldcup.Here is the scorecard. All thumbs up. They are the best when they play it.Three cheers to India.

I can see the clear picture when a team plays to its strength as a team under the guidance of solid, planned and calm captain. All the players, I mean all the players played very well, not well, very well. This worldcup shows what India can do, if they are addressed by one team rather than individuals.

There were times when things went wrong, but I found no dropped shoulders.Absolutely no to defeat.Always up for the challenge, always throughout the game.I hope they keep up the good spirit and make me proud and happy as I am today.

:) :) :) Three cheers again to Indian twenty-20 cricket team. :) Congratulations to the team and all you Indians out there. :)


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