The journey so far

Well, this post is nothing technology.Its my birth day today and I was thinking about all the past,present and future.
One thing I realised that I was all the time accompanied by The God.Whether its college time, institution or proffession, somebody always makes me feel that there is GOD and HE is always with you. I am not talking about any religion in particular. If I think of today, there are 6 people in particular to point out.Two of them are Muslims, two are christians and two are hindus, but I am always with either of them or all of them. Despite our religion, despite how much time we spend with each other, despite of whether we are near or far, they respect me and I respect them. There are times I fight with each of them, we have different opinions, but still we pray for each other.Yeah, we pray for each other for well being of the other.
One of my friends, is in Saudi now, he is a muslim guy and basically from Mumbai.I remember we talk about religion with each other and respect each others religion.We even shared one tiffin for lunch.He used to tell me, today you do not eat from my tiffin, because it may come between you and your religion.WOW,is not that great!!Once he was telling me tha the is doing Manaz for 4 times, i said why not 5 times, try it out, you can do it.I was even visited Mosques and holy places with these guy. He tries to explain me about the mosque, its history, the rituals and what not.
The other muslim friend of mine, is a holy soul.He does not drink tea even!! He is an early riser, 5 times Namaz doer.I felt God.He is softspoken, mild but well built body.He says the body is the abode of God, so I must take care of God’s place.Once, I was very upset and he advised me, do not worry, Truth always wins.He said, I will pray to God to give you peace and happiness, that was so good feeling.Now this guy, stays in Chenai, India. Everytime we meet online, must talk each other’s religious growth for sometime atleast.
One of my christian friend is a hardcore gamer.I used to get all the gaming world updates from him.I am fortunate that he lends me his original game DVDs :).He is as serious about God as I am.Its because of him only I got the indepth knowledge of Christianity.We gel with each other because of the technology.He shares gaming world and I share Flash.But then we often talk about GOD.I have visited his church with him almost for 3 months continuously. From my child hood, I seldom used to pray, but this guy showed me what happens when you pray.And then I got the habbit of praying.Still pray as much as I can, somedays skip too :).The other one was a collegue of mine.She is a preacher.She even gifted me an original Holy Bible.I sometimes go through it. She is the person, who forced me to pray, everyday in the office.So, we used to pray, just before we start our daily work in the office. Anytime, I got anything wrong, I always used to ask what to do now? And smilingly she used to say do not worry, ask God for help.Go and pray and tell everything to GOD and seek his help, HE will help you out.And I used to do the same.
Now, most of these guys are not with me in the same city or in the same office.But whenever we talk, we give some time to talk about GOD.


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