webservices in flash cs3

Well, I am recently working on a project which required webservices to be consumed in Flash CS3. But surprisingly I found one can not use Flash CS3 to consume webservices directly. The classes were previously present, but removed. One of my colleague’s made it possible to work with webservices by compiling some Flex2 classes inside a SWC. But my curiosity does not end there as always. I tried to dig into the problem and found these two links, very useful.


Using flex compiled code in flash

The search still continues :)

Here is another good way.

One more link for the usage service.


3 thoughts on “webservices in flash cs3

  1. Are you working in AS3 or AS2? If you are working on AS2 projects within Flash CS3 then you are probably referring to the MX remoting components & classes. You are correct, they were removed with CS3. In order to use them you need to find someone who has packaged them up for you to place in your class path. It took a bit of searching but I was able to find a .ZIP and a SWC of the mx package a few months ago. If you like feel free to contact me and I will send you the .ZIP. If you are using AS3 you should look into NetConnection for your webservice/remoting calls. Here is a pretty good post on extending NetConnection for your services. http://www.oscartrelles.com/archives/as3_flash_remoting_example

  2. Thank you Justen, its really a great help.
    I am using AS3 project. But I think you are reffering to using remoting. Is it possible to use webservices without remoting? Because I am using ASP dot NET webservices directly from flash only.

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