Believe in the best in you.

Well, India beat Australia. How does that sound?
Yeah, WOW. Thats a win India required and got convincingly. A big congratulations to the team. The whole team played well. The captaincy, the fielding, the bowling, the wicket keeping, the batting, the situation management and what not, just everything is done so very good. All the players, all the players are just put it and showed how cricket should be played. A gentleman’s game should be played like a gentleman. I am just thinking whom to praise, could not decide, because India just played as one, one team, one spirit and unbelievable game.
It is the belief of the captain(Mahendra Singh Dhoni) on the players. Its the belief of players on each other. Its the belief of team. Its the belief in truth as its always be ‘truth always wins, sooner or later’. Despite of all odds India is standing tall. Its actually making me believe in truth and honesty. Believing in self and ignoring all, that is around to put you down, makes you a success.
I am not saying that all of the team Indian was perfect in the game today.But they believed in themselves and on each other.There were catches missed, there were mis-fielding, there were mis understandings between each other, there were bad bowling, there were bad quality batting, but in the end India won, for the faith and belive. They keep faith on self and belive on their potentials and won the battle.Team India was decent, explosive in their game and examplanary as sportsmen.
I must thank Sachin Tendulkar for his unbeaten century.This is not just the way he made his game today, but for all those good things he made in the field.He was silent, self contained, well behaved ( even if the opposition is throwing anything at him ), explosive in his game and mentor for juniours.
All in all cheers for the team India, thanking you for making us proud.Keep the good spirit up, all the best.


One thought on “Believe in the best in you.

  1. yes, thats true that this ignited a spark in our spirits, also we should thank our team for not merely attending wickets for few minutes n returning back….that happens mostly at times of pressure. This is a proud victory but we really have miles to go… wishes to our team on start of a hard but joyful journey!!

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