An old friend and a lot of hope in life

This is simply the most amazing thing to happen to my life.One of my dearest friends mailed me.whats the hell? what is so amazing about it?!
This mail came after 8 long years and with doubt of reaching me.The story goes like this.After getting our architectural degrees, we separated and life had never given us chance to be together or even to talk with each other. We never knew whether each others’ ids are still active or not.For past some months, I was always thinking of getting in touch with my friend, but all in vain.I could see all others in one or other social networking sites, but this fellow!!!I never found.The email id we shared back then was not active for my friend too.Googled, but no match. I thought in this era when every one is talking about information flowing arround, digitally transmitting things, can one person avoid net.But thats my dearest friend, who still seems to be not comfortable with net. From whatever information I was having back then, I thought I will make a trip arround and search for.I was working out the same in my back of my mind, but then I started believing in my telepathy potential and GOD’s grace. Well, then came a mail saying if this id is still active, please mail me back, I want to be in touch.WOw, WOW and wow. That worked.Thanks God, We are in touch again.A big thank and lots of love to my friend too.
I must say, what I have earned in all these years are some real good friends, who always make me feel good, who always proved that I am right even if I think I am not.
Now, I am thinking of practicing telepathy, so that I can transmit information even matter if needed :) :) .Fealing like the old Mythological days.And this is again proving me, where there is a will there is a way.One must have a will and the way will automatically come.We might not see the way in the wildest of our thoughts, but the way is always there, if you have the will.
I am so happy to get my dearest friend back.


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