New releases Flex4,PureMVC,Box2DFlashAS3

Flex4 (Gumbo) is under rapid development. The best part is one can watch the path it follows during development and participate in the development too.Since Adobe has already open sourced it.

One of the best Opensource Actionscript framework PureMVC is now ported completely into AS3. And this awesome framework has got a new home for AS3 too :). That is a great news for me as I was trying to get my hands on the framework but cold not find the opportunity as all of my current projects are in AS3.

Well, well good news are still there. One of the best Opensource 2D Physics engine is now completely ported into AS3.Yes I am talking about Box2DFlashAs3. Now I can even try 2D Physics.

Wow, a lot of things are happening around AS3 and the big thing is arround Opensource flash :) . I think I must take some time out to play around with all these and many more in the Actionscript3 world. Enjoy Flashing :)


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