First impression of Zemanta

Today while going through the regular blog reads, I came across ‘Zemanta‘ and trying it for the first time here.I thought to give it a try itself. Well, I am in Firefox and the installation went really smooth. Restarted the firefox and now inside my blog edit mode. As soon as I went inside the edit mode and tried to type out something, the plugin started updating on the left side of the regular wordpress edit mode.


I am finding it really cool and my first impression is wow, I am hoping that this will stand up to my expectations and keep its faith as a real cool add on.


6 thoughts on “First impression of Zemanta

  1. I am not able to understand what the above comments are, hope that those are from valid resources and respect my blog.If I got any doubt I will delete them at once.
    Till then use happily Zemanta :)

  2. hi from Zemanta

    more or less they are Zemanta reviews in other languages, and since your blog is in our aggregation index, your blog post is being suggested to those blog writers using Zemanta and they accept it and linked to you.


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