AIRup your desktop application, Shu.

Ever thought of making a standalone application out of your already built AIR application? Shu is the answer.It simply takes an AIR application and packages it to a standalone application.Is not that amazing ? Once one completes the creations of AIR application on its favorite IDE may it be Flash, Flex, APTANA or whatever, the AIR application can easily be made a desktop application with Shu. Well, I think that also means, that whichever AIR runtime user is having or not not having my AIR application is bound to run.I have not tested it yet, so will comment about that once I do the test.

For me the question is how we look at AIR as a development platform? Is it going to completely wrap up the desktop applications? In the beginning I used to think so, I will never need to develop a desktop application, all I have to do is develop AIR applications.But products like Shu made me think twice.


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