Is Python the new defacto standard of web programming?

After taking a look at Google App Engine, the first thing came to my mind is Python. To develop and take advantage of this hugely appreciated attempt of Google, the Google App Engine, I must know Python. Then I took sometime to see the reaction of the world. And as expected I found the answer to be true, that Python is going to rule the new Web.

While going through Aral’s blog, “Sounds simple? It is. This is game-changing!” I confirmed my thoughts, yeah its Python, which is going to be everywhere. Even according to this post, nicely described the new web, Python is the new Basic.

So all in all, a new era is around the corner for the web and web developer. I am always excited about new things in the right direction and for good, so for me its a very good and exciting news. Hello Python, welcome to your world and thanks Google for making and using web standards and innovations, the way it should.


3 thoughts on “Is Python the new defacto standard of web programming?

  1. Actually in the “About” section of the Google App Engine site, they state other programming languages will be added soon. So I’m not sure why everyone would be going Python crazy. I’m almost sure Python was the first released since Google already uses that language for a lot of it’s development already.

    Sorry, but I don’t get the whole Python band-wagon.

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