The Phoenix Experience (from Aviary)

Today I got the invitation for Aviary.I was so excited that I tried it out right when I got the invitation.Well, I was further excited to see the way the tool has been made. Its all flash and looks like working in native desktop application(Photoshop itself).I have attached some screen shots to make you believe that now there is really no difference between a desktop application and a web application.Thanks and congrats to the Aviary team to come up with such a brilliant idea. I wish all the best and keep your good wok going, for the team.
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Lets talk about Phoenix, now. Its an image editor and reflects the tools a great image editor should be having.To start with I had uploaded one jpg image and launch the Editor. Phoenix launched itself and I am surprised with the tool sets it provide to me.I felt like I am opening Photoshop itself.Phoenix has got layers, history, selection tools like lasso, magic wand, fill tools like paint bucket and gradient fill(can customise gradient as in a good photo editor).Well, the usual short-cuts like ctrl+s(save), ctrl+z(undo) are also working inside the application. Further more one can export the images in various formats starting from jpg, png,gif to psd.This is tremendous work.From the first instance itself I fall in love with it.
Well, along with my invitation acceptance, I have got 5 invitations to share. Anybody interested in it can write down a comment here along with your email id and preferred username, so that I can send you one invitation.Since I have only 5 invitations, I would be sending them as first come first serve basis.


9 thoughts on “The Phoenix Experience (from Aviary)

  1. Hi Rabbler,
    I have invited you in the mail id ( that you provided while commenting the blog.
    enjoy ;)

  2. I realize a good amount of time has passed since this post, but your review has me intrigued. Any chance you still have an invite? I would love one.

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