Away3D : first impression

Once I had some fun with Sandy3D, my curiosity drove me to Away3D. So I went ahead and tried Away3D. As derived from Papervision3D, developing in Away3D feels the same as developing in Papervision3D, with some predefined classes to make less codes and lesser processes to reach the same objective.
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I have zipped up my experiment files here for you to download. But I found the study of papervision3D examples provides a lot of help to develop in Away3D too. One has a lot of options while creating 3D Objects and materials. Unlike Sandy3D, here we have the camera Object inside the Scene Object.One can directly get a reference of the camera from the scene object itself. More or else I found this is the same what Sandy3D does but in the reverse.I mean, in Sandy3D we create camera and then put that in one group of objects. Here we create View object(scene object is referenced from inside this view object only) and then get the reference of the camera from that view object itself.Of course we need to add the different 3D objects we create to the scene object itself through the view object.
Material options are also quite impressive. To outline the rendered objects ‘WireframeMaterial’ can be added to an object. The ‘WireColorMaterial’ actually renders the objects in color with the wireframe. Its like ‘Shading with edges’ option in 3DSMax viewport display. Here is my output of this experiment.
Moreover I found this is awesome to develop in Away3D, as this has the Papervision3D options in hand with lesser lines of code. If one wants to stick to the basics it should be Papervision3D, but if you want speed Away3D is the way to go.


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