Adobe FlashPlayer 10(Astro),Beta Released.

A great news comes from Adobe as it released its next version of FlashPlayer, Flash Player 10, codenamed Astro. Though this is a beta release, but one can obviously get an idea about what is coming next. The big news for me in this release is 3D support and realtime audio support. Well, a whole new bitmap effects scripting language Pixel Bender(previously known as Hydra).
Kaourantin specifies in his blog regarding the old SOUND_COMPLETE issue and the details about the new sound API in Astro. Expectations are sound is going to be the next big thing in Flash after 3D. There will be definitely high level APIs come up for sound as it came up for 3D in flash (example : Papervision 3D).
Cheers to Adobe for Astro. :)


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