A new Flash 3D Engine : Alternativa3D

I am very much excited about the 3D engines all the time. Now there is another Flash 3D engine on the horizon. Its Alternativa3D and looks very promising. They are in there way to release the full AlternativaPlatform. Currently its the Alternativa 3D which is available publicly. I have already downloaded the SWCs and trying it in Flex Builder. Since there is no documentation available yet, it will take some time for me to dig into the framework. But looking at the announcements and the demos in the site, I think I cannot stop myself from playing around with the framework. If I will got anything productive i will post it here.
The way it is being depicted in the Alternativa site, it seems the engine is for 3D gaming and windowing platforms. The features it support(dynamic lighting and shadows, Global illumination, Inverse Kinematics, mapping to name a few) is very near to a realtime 3D computer graphics application like 3DSMax or MAYA along with Physics simulation. The Alternativa 3D Engine is Flash 10 ready already.Exciting.

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4 thoughts on “A new Flash 3D Engine : Alternativa3D

  1. i have a small project in alternativa for u, interested ??

    counted 3 things to do,

    in this we can test ur ability for a better future relation

    1. Thank you for contacting me. I am not a ninja in Alternativa 3D. I do it for hobby till now. If you really want to test, I am up for it though. Could not guarantee the timeline as I am working fulltime somewhere. saumya

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