When I begun with remoting for Flex, I found an array of options as opposed to AS2.Where in AS2 I only found AMFPHP to be effective as per my project requirements(since I am a PHP guy), in AS3 I found AMFPHP and webORBPHP both good enough. To be true, I am an AMFPHP fellow. But upon client’s terms started with webORB.To my surprise, thats also as good. Well, if we consider the remoting to happen in a variety of backends like dotNET, PHP or JAVA, webORB is the best option as it ports everything and all the interfaces look and feel the same.So thats a big plus. If you want your project backend to move from PHP to dotNET or the reverse, as in my case happened, the only headache is the back-end program. But then its quite a lot in terms of its waight. I mean it takes a lot of space, agreed that it has got a lot of features,but still !!
If we consider only PHP, I still will go with AMFPHP. It has got all the same kind of funtionality as webORBPHP but very light weight. Only thing webORBPHP has now is code generation. Which AMFPHP says ‘TO be done’. For me code generation actually does not help me as I am writing down my own classes except in the beginning while learning the webORB the generated codes help me understanding the framework. Again there is no code generation of “MATE”, only PureMVC and Cairngorm.
As per me, if you donot want to port your remoting into a lot of different things other than PHP, AMFPHP is the way to go. For all other things webORB is good.
I still have to have a look at JAVA remoting some day with Flex Data Service, granite data services etc.Tehre are a lot of things going on JAVA side. Need some more time per day, ohh GOD !!


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