critical for deployment of remoting (PHP) projects

Well, I was developing one remoting aplication.First I have tried webORBPHP as per client dragged me into it. Everything went on fine. We are in the middle of the development and our deployement server got ready. So we put everything on deployment and suddenly my remoting does not work.It was working on the webORBPHP console but my program doesn ot get the data. Tried everything, posted on forums put it on webORB mailing list. But then could not get any answer to fix the issue. Then tried porting things on AMFPHP, everything did well on local environment. While porting this time also the application did not get any data from server.Everything worked well on AMFPHP console. With the help of Flash-DB board, I tried debugging in Charles.And found the remoting does not return anything.Actually it was not able to change the Header of the returned data.So the culprit?
Its “services-config.xml”. I have modified the “services-config.xml” according to remote server and recompiled my flex application.It run smoothly on remote server.
NOTE to self : Re-compile your applications with the server specific “services-config.xml” for deployment.


3 thoughts on “critical for deployment of remoting (PHP) projects

  1. Yeah I hit this one with remoting over SSL, and compilation for the deployment.
    It turns out that the services-config xml actually is embedded into the swf at compile time as a string. “ServerConfig.xml = <services…”
    If you decompile your app look for a _ApplicationName_FlexInit class, and at the bottom it will define the variable “ServerConfig.xml” which is used by the remoting for the config.
    Not really very dynamic, but I can think of several reasons for it. I ended up having a debug services xml file for flex builder debugging, then ant tasks for release versions ant staging, ant ssl etc :)

  2. Seems obvious after the fact, but not when you are in the middle of it. I had a similar problem: I corrected an error in my “services-config.xml” file and after re-compiling, the change was not reflected. I found out that I had to go to my project properties/Flex compiler, take out the reference to my services, apply the changes, re-compile, then re-add the reference to services-config.xml. Crazy huh?

  3. hi guys, its awesome to know, I am not alone. :)
    But I am still looking forward to the issue with webORBPHP. How to do the same in the webORB environment?!!

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