2days of science for me

Well, the last 2 days were amazing for me. An old friend came to stay at my place for 2 days. We met each other almost after 10 years.This itself is amazing. Now he is working as a scientist in one of the defence organisations in India. He was here to give some seminar and I am fortunate enough to attend it. The topic of his talk actually influenced me and make me curious enough to attend it.The topic is actually about softwares in drug development process. I got a better idea how softwares were making a huge impace on drug development.Well, there is defienetly more jobs coming the software guys way. Apart from the software itself, I got a total refresh of my chemistry and maths knowledge. Felt like some body swept the dusts away from my brain.
After the talk, we moved on to watch a show at Nehru Planetorium. Again my brain got a sweep on the physics and astronomy.First time I came to know India is going to send and astronomical vehicle to moon very soon. The show was awesome.
The very next day, I had been to the exhibition ground at Goregaon, Mumbai.Currently “Automation 2008” is going on. And we have a booth in it to show our next release of the embeded systems product. The exhibition is good enough for me to know how human and machine talk to each other and how far we have come across, from the day where all the machines were manually operated. All in all the past 2 days were a complete science day for me.
I felt like I am back in the school days.I must start reading up the school subjects again.


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