Autocad 2009 First look

1. First of all the installation will install both(if you want, you can just install one) AutoCAD and Autodesk Design Review.

2. what the hell is this ?!! Where is my friendly UI(User Interface), that I was using since Acad 12.

Well, the first screen annoyed me for sure.If I am coming from following Acad for ages.Now its white and the top bar is so huge!! But then there is a small arrow button just next to the last item.Upon clicking this, the whole toolbar shrinks down to a small bar maximising my workspace.

3. File menu?!! Well, on the lefthand topmost corner, there is a red “A” the symbol of acad, upon clicking this, one will have the “file menu”.

4. Then I just went ahead with line command.I am impressed with the hinting part of it.One will get all the hints reagrding the next drawn point (distance, angle etc).

5. Ohh,the fullscreen mode is a button now on the buttom-left of the screen.

6. Wow,the next thing which I discovered is cool for me. When you want to change a property of an object, just select it and the property you can change will popup visually just by the side your mouse.Cool.No need to go to top/side bar for those layer changes, line type changes etc.

7. On opening of a new Drawing with default 3dTemplate,it feels as if I am in 3dsMax.The cornor of

 the viewport shows the known 3D navigation menu, which shows itself on 3DSMAX.


Well, the line is definetely blurring between these softwares.Good news :).


8. Well, the UI can be customisable and the one which comes by default, has a thick bar on top with some tolls in it is known as Ribbon.The pain I felt at first instance is one has to mannually pull all the old panels and toolbars in order to feel at home.But have a feeling that there may be some one point setting to make my UI look like the old UI. oh !! well the setting is in main menu and its called Tools>workspace>AcadClassic

I will post more as I will go through the program. Cheers.


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