Note on Fullscreen mode in Flash player 9

I was experimenting with fullscreen mode of flash player 9 with actionscript3.0.Well it seems everything works fine but there are 2 key factors to it, which can not be done
1. Entering fullscreen mode is only possible by mouse click event or key press event. (yes, only these 2)
2. Can not input text in text input fields,while in fullscreen mode. With exception to the shortcut in keypad to exit fullscreen mode, all the other Key related actionscript is disabled.

This is a good read on fullscreen mode of Flash player 9.

happy flashing 😉


Author: saumya

designer / developer / maker / educator @saumya

4 thoughts on “Note on Fullscreen mode in Flash player 9”

  1. Yes, taht first factor of “…..mode is only possible..only in 2 ways ” I detected in eary this year, probably this feature are able in that way of commercil and banners, just imagine that many banners ar other noisy thinks start using full screen without user permission

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