Custom Skins for Flex in Flash

I am currently developing an AIR application which will be high on graphics and will call games to play from inside it. After a lot of thought I made a decission to go about Flex framework for developing this and with FlexBuilder IDE. So the frist thing came to me is how custom graphics fit into the flex applications. All my previsous Flex development were having the default components with some minor modification as to put an icon in a button or stuffs like that. But currently it has to be a very custom components. Well, each button should have a different look and feel. I know this is quite easy with Flash movieclips, but in flex!! The process is made easy with “FlexComponentKit for FlashCS3” and “Flex Skin Design Extension for Flash”. The process is quite straight forward as one has to create a flash button compoent using a default template from “Flex Skin Design Extension for Flash” and publish the SWC. Just import the SWC in FlexBuilder as “Art Work” and thats it. For a global level of change in all the buttons no other step is required. Well, if each button is having different look(as in mycase),one has to make differnt SWCs from Flash.Import as artwork to Flex. Now create a Custom component with the same name as the Flash symbol name. And use that component instead of the standard component.
The article at Seando-flex is a nice read and covers everything one needs for custom component creation in Flash for Flex.

This is another nice read .

Happy Flashing ;)


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