Horizontal Scrollbar in TileList

Well, its a long silence. I am currently developing an AIR application which will contain games. While I was trying to customise the TileList, to my surprise, it behave a little buggy. I was trying to make a horizontal scrollbar appear in the component as thelist is vast. By default Flex have me a vertical scrollbar.My first reaction was, ok.May be the default settings do that.But the only workable HOraizontal Scrollbar came in after I set  direction=”vertical”. After a googling a bit I found this( by Arno Manders), which confirmed me that this is the way to go. Thought I would share it immediately as somebody out there may be trying the same as me.

My final code looks as this

<mx:TileList id=”gamesList”
width=”658″ height=”220″ verticalCenter=”0″ horizontalCenter=”0″

Happy Flashing :)


4 thoughts on “Horizontal Scrollbar in TileList

  1. Same here, it just won’t work.

    I tried the TileList having absolute size values, relative values, being resizable, setting rowCount, maxColumns and so on… none of them worked and i just can’t figure out how to get this component scrollable. Pretty annoying. :-(

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