AIR Performance Issue

This came to me as a surprise while developing a current application in Adobe AIR. Let me give you some back ground of the project. This is basically a game management system along with playing of the games. All the games are made in Flash itself. I must admit that the games are not coded according to any standards. These games are just working fine as per the requirements doc of the client.There is no optimisation any where in the game. All the graphics are having groups, alphas, masks and what not effects as well. Plenty of alpha tweens, motion tweens. On top of this, we have codes, which are just at most 2 classes. One is a document class and another class is attached to a movieclip on library(whereever is necessary according to the developer!!). Ok, at this point I was being asked to make a UI for all the games to show up and playable too on the same interface. I had given a choice and I insisted on AIR as of obvious reasons, that we could give a better and personal experience for the user.I was confident as I worked with AIR apps previously(all data driven applications). Well, everybody seemed happy upon the AIR thing as we were working on transparent backgrounds, irregular user Intefaces, fullscreen SWFs with text input facility etc. I never knew I was calling trouble to myself. Once I put everything together and tried to run the games inside the AIR application, it failed. Yeah, it failed. I tried the most better coded game out of all the games in another machine from the same AIR application.The game ran fine. I got some optimism. I went ahead and tested the same game from other machines through the AIR application.But it failed.
Overall I found AIR is still not better suited for SWfs which has got a lot of graphics, sound, animation, alphas, masks and all those stuffs designers play arround regularly. Agin if there are a lot of addchild, removeChild as well, AIR applications does not respond as expected. AIR applications take up a lot of memory even for small SWFs made in Flash IDE.THe same SWF takes 30% CPU running on FLash PLayer, but Once I call the same swf from AIR, it suddenly takes upto 70% CPU.
Hope it helps somebody out there.


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