SWF Desktop Application with SWHX

This happened to me with a search for a good alternative to the commercial counter parts for SWF to EXE tools.I was excited to get “Screenweaver“, which is Opensource. At first I thought there is a learning curve to it, so lets search for any other easier options. But then where, there are a lot of free SWF to EXE tools, no one seemed to be as feature rich as their counter parts as Zinc or SWFkit. Then I got a great link through Twitter reply by Arul Kumaran(Thanks a lot buddy). I went through the link and its pretty good to get started with. Finally I was able to make my own chromeless desktop application with ScreenweaverHX(SWHX) within 3 hrs. I was very happy until I tested my application in different machines.It worked perfectly well in many pcs, but then there came a bug in some pc. While the application was showing to be running in the system by the TaskManager, there was nothing visually present in the screen. I will be digging down to that in my next venture to study Screenweaver.
Overall I had a great experience working with SWHX. Here is a tip for those who will be trying to make a chromeless window application with SWHX, just put the swhx window parameter to be “swhx.Window.WF_TRANSPARENT”.In my case I was using the code below in my HAXE application class
var screenSize = systools.Display.getScreenSize();
var window = new swhx.Window( “samApp”, screenSize.w, screenSize.h, swhx.Window.WF_ALWAYS_ONTOP + swhx.Window.WF_TRANSPARENT + swhx.Window.WF_NO_TASKBAR );

This made my application fullscreen, always on top and transparent bg(Chromeless window).

There is another good opensource product named HippoHX coming up. This seems to sit on top of the original SWHX with some added features.

Happy Flashing


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