TechFest 2009

This is probably the first time I have attended a general technology meet. Before all the meets were for a particular kind of audiences. Tech Fest 2009 held as IIT Powai Mumbai, India was one of its kind in the country I hope. I was completely over whelmed by the size of crowd and depth of technology covered. It was a three day event. There were competitions like quiz and other general kind of events, at the same time there were workshops, lectures and fun like laser shows and for the first time ever in India I hope they were showing Microsoft Surface.Unfortunately I could not attend the Surface thing :(


Overall I have all the time spent were quality time. There were very innovative things like the one I am explaining below. One team was collecting bottles which are out side the dust bin, thrown by the spectators. And the team was producing the graph of the same.  Without saying anything, they were making a point there and thats very strong. I hope everybody around this country should get upto this point to have some sense on themselves.

irresponsibility counter
irresponsibility counter

One of the lectures was about simulating the feel or touch sense in a virtual environment. The company had come up with robotic arms and devices which can give the user an instant feel of the object in  the virtual world. According to them its present not future, doctors sitting at remote location are actually doing operations at another pace. Doctors can feel the the patient. Same had been put together for a game, which Nitendo II is doing for simulating the virtual environment, these devices add on to it as to feel the surface by touching it. Cool and amazing.

I had a great time.


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