AIR up your Ubuntu :)

This is a long wait for me. I was trying all to get my Ubuntu setup to be productive on SWF development.Unfortunately it was a not happenning till last night. It was the night for me to remember :) yeah :) so happy to get flash player running in my machine. The link for Flash player download link is the same for all platforms. Then I went ahead and tried AIR on it. Though there is a direct download for AIR on UBUNTU, but the install process has got a simple trick.This is probably for me only as I am a beginner on Linux.

The download of AIR is “.bin”  file (AdobeAIRInstaller.bin) while the flashplayer is a “.deb” file. Ubuntu supports “.deb” files out of the box, so the install of the flashplayer is just a double-click on the installer :) Now for the tricky part of the AIR installer. Frist of all one needs to make it executable and then execute it. The commands are as below

chmod +x AdobeAIRInstaller.bin


I got the above trick from “Thierry Nicola” at his blog. If it would have been the case I would have been wondering to fix this. Cheers to “Thierry Nicola” for the great stuff.

Finally I installed some AIR applications to check whether AIR is all up and running in UBUNTU. And I found it yes :) I must tell you the moment I saw the AIR installer screen installing inside UBUNTU, I was over-whelmed.

Next it is a search for the development environment to produce SWF inside UBUNTU.

Happy Open Source Flashing


One thought on “AIR up your Ubuntu :)

  1. I’ve been using Ubuntu for more than a year and I find it pretty decent for flashplayer development. All you need is the SDK and Vi, but if you want FlexBuilder, just grab it on adobe labs, it’s has good as it is on Windows IMO…dll free :)

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