Too(two) good startups in India

While its recession time everywhere around the world, I must say there are some good news arround too. Coming straight to the point, “” and “” are two startups in India one must look forward to. I may be a little biased here in my opinion as the guys behind these companies are from Flash community. Its good to see that people from Flash community are making the move now. Brajeshwar and Abdul are the 2 guys  behind these 2 companies. Looking at their potentials I personally have a great confidence and expectations from these 2 companies.

I am a privileged one to get a look at the Beta of oCricket.I must tell you, the usability rocks on the portal. Unlike other cricket websites where there are a lot of data and one do not know where to go, oCricket possess a strong hold on it. Apart from that, It has a charm of its own as any body can put up a cricket story with videos to it. This is another area where Indians will just dive in as cricket here in India is like a religion.

Allies Interactive Services will be providing services as to Interactive market. Since the company possesses people who are passionate about their work and they have shown it in past, I hope there is a tremendous potential to it. Recently Actionscript Hero has just put an interview with Abdul on its site, where you can know more about what the company as whole moving towards. Wishing all the best to the team.

Happy Flashing :)


3 thoughts on “Too(two) good startups in India

  1. It is interesting to learn of oCricket, more so considering the startup is in the realm of sports.

    Anything about oCricket you might want to share that makes it different from the other cricket related websites?

  2. Hello Saumya,
    I am from oCricket and thanks a lot for the kind words. We are making a lot of changes everyday and introducing new things (and fixing bugs) rapidly.
    I hope you’ll keep on coming back :)

    POI: If you need more info on oCricket, feel free to contact brajeshwar at Thanks!

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