B’lated Happy birthday !!

ohh yeah,another year has gone and I am feeling older. So belated happy birth day to me. B’lated!! yeah, it should be on 16th, but I could not blog it that day, a little busy in work and social life. This year I have planned to put my ideas into products, theories into practice and more over try and contribute to opensource. Hope I can stand upto my expectations.

Over all it was a good day, got some very wonderful wishes from arround the world, people I knew from the flash community, tweeter,facebook and social networking sites. Overall I felt it went international, but virtual. Are we missing the real thing gradually. I mean people arround me did not even knew it was my birth day even at office !! So thanks to the technology, I got new friends and sweet wishes.

Thank you all guys for the wishes, love you guys.Flash and its community rocks. Happy flashing.


4 thoughts on “B’lated Happy birthday !!

  1. Belated B’day Wishes…. Hope you have a great year ahead…
    Looks like you had told your friends in the virtual world your real birth date but forgot to tell friends around you ;)


    1. Thank you Nisha for the wish. Nice to get a reply on this.
      The good thing about virtual world is they will know you,one need not go tell them.

      I hope no body will understand here unless I tell the fact that Nisha is my current project manager. I must admit here that this is the first time ever I got a response from any of the managers till date i worked on.

      Thank you Again and will party sometime, belated birth day party.

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