Just,when everything seemed over,it is back with a bang. Flash lite is here.

Wow, this is great news for all flash lite developers and over all flash lovers. Adobe recently lunched new solution for Flash lite developers. Its now in labs, but looks very promising. Its the distributable player solution, which provides a way to distribute the latest Flash Lite development into any hand-held device. This creates .CAB and .SIS files around SWFs, which can directly be put on the symbian and windows mobile phones.

The distributable solution contains the following components

1. Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player

2.Adobe Mobile Packager

I am feeling good about it. It could not be much better timed. Just when all the influential people in flash platform are jumping into iphone development, I think this solution is a major step for flash developers to dive into flash development for handheld.

There is huge competition open for all at “flashlitedeveloperchallenge.com”(released on the same day as my birth day,birthday gift !! :) ). This is cool for flash and flash developers from the distraction to iphone development. Not saying iphone development is bad, but distraction from flash platform may destroy the rich community. With distributable player solution I think there is hope.

Happy flashing


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