Mobility with windows mobile

It  took me a little longer to be actual mobile. I have a windows mobile for at least 9 months now. Except for normal use as a cell phone I had never used it for anything else in past months. Reasons start from unavailability of cool softwares to the installation process itself. I had tried to put qik in it and it says,it could not install it due to no memory! I was trying to put that to the storage card, not the original cell memory!! Anyway the problem is anything I am trying to install in my storage card, gets a lot of space from cell memory! Though my device ASUS p320 come with 30mb internal memory,windows itself takes up around 20mb and one cannot install windows on storage card!
The good news is still there is hope. I am listing down some applications which I am using in regular basis to get myself mobile. For gmail,lattitude and all google products, google has nicely made applications. I am using both gmail and lattitude, these are clean,small and sweet. For im I am using Palringo, its cool and small. It can connet to jabber clients too. On the same line there is another cool im client named Nimbuzz. This one can connet to twitter and facebook too and its also small in size. I mostly use Palringo but kept switching to Nimbuzz just to compare features.
The list
1. Google for mobile
2. Palringo
3. Nimbuzz
4. Office mobile (came free with the Windows mobile)
5. opera mobile

6. PDF Reader (added here to keep the list at one place,thanks Arun for comment)


2 thoughts on “Mobility with windows mobile

  1. thanks Arun,
    I am running on Windows 6.1 only. You reminded me of the PDF reader I forgot to mention earlier. I use the same foxit reader as you mentioned.
    PDF reader : FoxitReader

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