InternetExplorer hates ExternalInterface !!?

This is strange,I always thought Internet explorer is improving day by day with the feature and standards support. With the new API for Flash player to communicate with the parent container (ExternalInterface class), one can easily call any javascript methods of the parent container. While trying to do the same, I mean calling a javascript method present on the same HTML page where the SWF is embeded, Internet explorer(IE6,IE7,IE8 Beta. All versions :( ) simply ignored the call and showed javascript error. While the same thing worked in all the other browsers Opera,Firefox even Chrome. Finally came to me with a surprise that I can not fix this like the way it is being published, i mean the way it is embeded. While publishing from FlashIDE, the default embed method puts the SWF in an HTMl page with OBJECT and EMBED tag. Though there are a number of drawbacks in this method of embeding SWF in an HTML, but I always thought at least ExternalInterface must work.

The fix is SWFObject, yeah this nifty little javascript library fixes allmost all problems that rises with default Object-Embed method. And SWFObject adds a lot of added features flexibility in working with embedded SWFs in HTML. I have tried both the methods(static and dynamic) provided by SWFObject to embed the SWF in HTML and both of them responded back in Internet Explorer too along with all other browsers.

Cheers to SWFObject and its team. A great job from the team and a must tool for the Flash developers working in Web development.

good night all.happy flashing :)


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