Director 11.5 is here

This was a real surprise for me not because Director is always being released as a separate product other than the CS products from Adobe(Macromedia),but I never thought Director still have its life. Personally I have a soft corner for Director and never want it to die. This is the thing which brought me to the development platform. Ah, still remember those days when Flash 4 and Flash 5 making a big noise at the time of its release. At that point of time Director 6 was the way to go. Despite of a little big Shockwave player download compared to then Flashplayer, Director was a huge ammount of feature rich software. Well, I was a Lingo programmer then. That brings me smile to my face. Those days were all hacks and workarrounds, but adorable and lovable. When first director support native 3D objects right inside its player I never thought Flash player would ever can compete with this. As all good things must come to an end, with all these 3D APIs for flash, third party tools like Unity, I believe Director now took a back seat. Despite of all these, I must congratulate Adobe for the effort to keep it going and I hope Director to live.

Coming to the new features, the thing which was awaited for a long long time now is Unicode. So relieved that finally Director 11.5 supports Unicode.Ohh, deep breath. Now for the new additions, PhysX engine from NVIDIA is a good add on to the shockwave player. Ohh yes, there is native 5.1 audio support in Director.

Disappointment for me is Director is still Windows, there is no Linux release yet !!! Is it because we see Director is at the last stage of its life span?!! Director supports Flash player 9.Only?! Thought this is not a surprise as all previous version of director always supported  just the immediate previous version of flashplayer.

Hope to get my hands dirty some times in Director 11.5.


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