A concern about the 3D Authoring softwares

Its almost 8 years since I saw Softimage for the first time. I was quite excited to see the features it had even then. I use to work only on 3dsmax and always thought why 3dsmax doesn’t have the features. Slowly the transformation happened. From Kinematix to Discreet to Autodesk, its a long journey from 3dstudio to 3dsmax. But the point here is not the transformation of max,but the way Autodesk is handling the 3D market. After 3dsmax, Maya and Softimage were a good competition. Then it was Alias-wavefront, which somehow gave-up and Maya came to Autodesk. After a longtime, out of curiosity I was searching for Softimage and completely astonished seeing Softimage is now from Autodesk!! Where is the competition?!! There is now,I think, only one professionally tough competitor, Lightwave. Personally I love 3dsMAX, but without competition Autodesk might come to a monopoly in 3D market. Then my current favorite, the Open Source 3D authoring tool Blender is coming up nicely. I hope the war will be with OpenSource.


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