Adobe CS4 Event,Mumbai

Yesterday I had been to Adobe CS4 event at Mumbai.It was exciting and pleasure to be in the event. Met a few old pals and got to see new features coming in, in Adobe products. Good to see that Adobe is promoting OpenScreen project even in sales talks. Another interesting thing was Flash Catalyst. Though I am following up with Thermo for a long time,but seeing it in person is a different experience. Gumbo is another cool stuff shown in the presentation along with FlexBuilder 4 (though mentioned that the FlexBuilder 4 IDE is far from the actual release version,but I never expected to see “Fx” componenets). Then it was all Flash CS4 new features tour and Flash player 10 feature list. Over all it was an interesting place to be.

As far as the media server is concerned the most exciting feature came in with Flash Media Server 3.5 (FMS3.5) is dynamic streaming. Dynamic Streaming does the quality decission on the run time, it actually looks for the connection speed of users’ machine and stream the higher,medium or lower quality media ones respectively.


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