Documentation Tool, NaturalDocs

Designing a software and developing it, is might be one part of the game.But I believe without a proper documentation of a software, the product itself decays in time. I am very dissapointed to see people calling themselves developers (ohh no, very good, experienced developers) do not even know and do not want to know the necessity of documentation. One generally finds the words “fix it man.forget that comment,fix the code.who cares why?” from the know all, Mr Fixit and efficient guy in a typical flash development environment. Obviously we are here to do stuff but then imagine if the same code you are passing on to some guy would come to you without documentation, what would be your reaction to the situation.The general reaction of the typical Mr Fixit is “This is not my code. I am trying to understand some body’s F*$#ing code. This is not the way one should right the code”.
Give me a break, documentation is the key to make a product come out alive over and again with lot ease and good maintaince. For flash projects I always thought AsDoc holds a good palce. It does actually if you are a Flex developer. But what happens if your whole project is Flash only!! AsDoc can not understand “fl” package.Ohh no!Ohh yes. It does not understand the package at all.Then there are work arrounds.Why?! If Flash is a platform and eveything is a tool to produce the SWF, the Flash only projects should get equal advantage as Flex.
Well,then there are some pretty tools who can do the thing sweetly and nicely. NaturalDocs is an opensource project, which does the thing.It supports a lot of languages and produces documentation clean and sweet. It has option even to create a frame based documentation or a no-frame only HTML based documentation. It supports the standard JavaDoc type comments as well as natural english language type comments too. Over all I am happy and satisfied with NaturalDocs as I became productive in it within 15 minutes after download. I must tool for any kind of development documentation. Cheers to NaturalDocs.


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