Flash 3D authoring with CopperCube

Yet another 3d authoring tool for web 3d,CopperCube. Being on beta, its quite good on features and performance is kind of ok. The most notable feature is the ease of use and the swf size. Very easy to use and one can be productive right away. The swf filesize is also small,for 6 boxes with textures,lighting and a first person camera it came to 132 kb. The thing which hurt me is the performance on ie. My browser continuously crashed with one first person camera. Being on beta, I think these issues are to be there. Hopefully a stable compilation will come on the release version. Apart from that, actionscript is supported in it and the tutorial is cool to get started. For a longtime I was searching for a tool like this. The camera can be made to collide with the objects in scene,which is a very nice way to control without any code. Overall a must try for flash 3d game developers.

Get the out put files here.

Happy Flashing


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