Windows 7, free for a year :)

Microsoft has recently made a huge announcement regarding the Windows 7 release. Windows 7 Release Candidate is now ready to be downloaded from Microsoft’s site. They are providing the product keys also.  According to the announcement the RC will expire on June 1, 2010. So there is legally around one year to test the new operating system.The RC is also available in 2 flavors like 32bit and 64bit.

I have downloaded it yesterday and put it on my system. Though I have a 64bit AMD machine, I prefferred the 32 bit version of it as there are very few softwares available for 64bit till now !! After the download of the “iso” file one need to cut it in as DVD, so did I. Next is the installation. I must say, this is the best Windows installation experience for me ever. Just 3 clicks (I remember the windows 98 days, when it was said to be 3 click install !!  huh!) and the new OS is ready to go from there. First it will ask for upgrading or new install, then it will ask for partitioning (in a very nice display) and then install. Wait for some time and you are ready to go with your new Windows 7 OS. Next its the time to register the software. With the product code given at the time of downloading will be used while installing and once boot up, I tried to register it through internet. Everything went well and within minutes I was running with a legal Windows7. I am really happy to see the way Microsoft has taken the OS. This time the from the installation to the performance Windows 7 simply better than Windows Vista and I can say it even faster than Windows XP. I have not tested that with any testing tools but from the face of it. Tried and installed the trial version of Flash CS4 ( I got that in recent Adobe event :) ) in it, and it got installed with charm. Flash CS4 even performs faster in Windows 7 than Windows Vista and XP !! The look and feel of the Windows 7 is nice and soft. Ya, it feels soft and bright :).

Overall the new operating system is cool and I am waiting for Microsoft to give the Windows Vista users a free upgrade to Windows 7 as I am running my laptop with a Windows Vista. Well, the free give away product numbers will continue till July 2009.

cheers :)


2 thoughts on “Windows 7, free for a year :)

  1. The x64 version of Windows will run anything the 32bit version can run plus x64 software. I’ve been running Vista x64 for well over a year (two years?) and experienced no issues with 32bit software on this OS.

  2. ohh, wow !! Thanks TJ Downes, thanks for the info. I always thought its only 64bit softwares which will run in 64 bit OS. This is really good news for me. For the same reason I was putting 32 bit UBUNTU even.Now I can move to 64 bit right away :)

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