Its Application design,where innovation meets talent.

I was thinking of putting this blog post a long time ago.Somehow I was not able to find the right subject for it.
When comes to application design its not about how good you can code a class.Yeah, I said how GOOD(its not the fix,its a good practice of code,not even mediocre) you code a class.First and foremost is a good coding practice.If you think you are a problem solver then try out good practice in code,the coding standards.This is the starting point of an application designer. Architecting a software is not just quick fixes. Its the foundation of a good building. I had come across many development firms and big corporates,where they only talk about get the things done.How?They simply do not know. I have seen talented developers are driving crazy by stupid managements.Huh,is it the future?!! As a result no innovation,no development growth as a team.
Flash community is a great dynamic,self driven,helping and open community.Lately I am finding people from other platforms come in with a view that Flash is just anybody’s game and anybody can ride it. I have even heard people saying Flash is just a banner stuff in webpages and we are the developers who make the dynamic web. I believe from which ever platform these guys come,they even do not know their own platform. People claiming themselves to be a part of the widely popular OOP languages JAVA and dotNET,does not know the basics of it.They come to Flash,thinking this is a shortcut to money making.And management who were shifted to this platform were also a part of those platforms some years back.They also encourage these people to sit on the head of some good flash developer to eat up the innovation and quality.
First and the critical part is, these people must understand, when talking about application design its not any one technology.Its the design of the product. Even some guy is a good developer(good does not mean mediocre),that does not mean he/she can design a product. Designing applications requires months and years of good coding practice,experience and vision.
Application design requires talent in every aspect of it. From history of software achitecture and the platform, to the future of it. Need to get an understanding of the frameworks. Some self-acclaimed software developers just think a framework is nothing but putting some folders in the hard drive :) ha ha hahha.Lol.Lol.cannot stop laughing at it. This gives me doubt upon their ability to code in their specified platform. Do they know what they are talking?!!
I am disapointed to see these so called developers from the best development platforms are trying to take Flash developers for a ride by talking about serverside and how big their platform is. But there are always talent in Flash paltform and its community which is much more than what these developers think.
Typical developers in India thinks I will have a good relation with management and climb corporate ladder no need to learn anything, will learn politics.Ha!!LOL!!Pity and shame. The management always encourages guys with that kind of mentality over the talent and disciplined ones. Forget management, do these guys understand what are they trying to do to their own life?!
Currently I got a very nice read in Red5 mailing list by the founder of How he was not selected for a well known company not because his knowledge,but because of the insecurity of the company itself. Companies have got their own share of insecurity, which flows through the management till the end point,which is either a developer or a designer.
I always tried to be with the best of the development team at my reach.Learn from each developer the good development practice.and I think as a developer this is the minimum requirement.
For an application designer, its a must to be a developer. If at all you think you are fit to be in the management,please do not spoil the development environment by your cheap political senses,go and join management team. I say cheap because in India everyone thinks he can be a good poilitician too?!!No education,no hard work just make stories about everybody around you and you can be a good politician in office and thats what management wants. Lol. How far? People from very early stage of their development carrier think they are the best developer in the world and management encourages them in believing the same.Result is, the talent never grows in the direction it should grow. I have seen self-acclaimed developers pampered by management,who can only see and listen the negatives in a positive environment too.These demons are the root cause of the spoiled development environment. They are good for nothing, yeah good for nothing.So what happens when these guys sit in the chair of application design. LOL. Imagine the situation and imagine the product,which will come out of it.
I was talking to one of my friends who is a managing a very big Software company’s one of the biggest account. He himself was a Java developer. We were talking about product development and new products. He was saying that “one cannot develop a new product and sell it in the market,there are already similar products available.” Well, then how he is employed?!!Doing a similar product which is already their in market?!
The question is not “Not possible”,if one in such a high position in such a big corporate restricts himself by insecurities, there is obviously good developers down the line cannot prove the possibility,which is very well possible if you remove the thought process of the top. Unfortunately the management alwasy thinks they are the GOD, they even challenge the natural process sometimes,I am not joking here.They think The GOD should actually ask them how to run the Universe. Shame on these guys.And shame on the guys who follow these people.
Fortunately there are good managers around. I brought my believe back when I work with my last employer I must say all the mangers must take a lesson from the management team there. Its a small company but not small in any regard of work or schedule.
I will ask all the developers in Flash community,please do not go by the words of the developers coming from other platforms as if they know more. Make a habit of good coding practice. The community is open and respect the openness. To end the topic, I will give an example of what you should know to start developing a framework. One day a self acclaimed developer came to me asking why the hell we will write the optional parameters all the time in addEventListener() (ex:eventTarget.addEventListener(EventType.EVENT_NAME, eventResponse, useCapture:Boolean, priority: int, weakReference:Boolean);) for weakReference.We will go and fix the original class that ships with flash itself. While the guy was all set that we fixed a major bug but was not happy when I say we will not do that. But then he started asking about why? And then went back with a face which told me that I am making a huge mistake by making all developers write the the code over and again instead fixing it right there. Next I found that guy is now in the application design stage. How cool and fortunate that guy is?!!Very if you look at that in early success stage. Well, first of all if you are a good developer, do not expect any appreciation from any body. The best pals will be the community. The critical part as a developer is to know that respect any framework. The solution may be obvious and there may be a shortcut to fix things. But as a developer fixing should not be your goal. Fix without breaking anything and respecting the standards is what is needed as a good developer. As an application designer or framework developer one needs respect for frameworks designed by others. That would be the starting point as a grooming software developer and architect.
Happy flashing. :)


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