Rajgad,trekking experience

Well,this is not the first time I have trekked but this  is obviously this seemed to be the first time to trek after such a long period of time.  The journey was quite safe and sound. We started off from Thane in the midnight,reached Pune in the morning. Then with multiple vehicles’ shifting  from one to another and walking quite a distance finally reached the foot of the mountain containing the Rajgad Fort. While waiting for another 2 of our group members we lost a sever amount of morning time. Keeping our guts alive we have started to climb around 10.30AM with the sun high on the sky. While all of us were expecting rain and packed up our bags with all the rain protecting materials,the weather had a different story to tell. Taking a lot of small to mid size breaks through out the climbing, finally reached  the top around 1.30 PM.

While the climbing up was a bit more stressful than usual because of sun,but no rain came in favor of us as we never found any slippery path to lead us to trouble. Once reached top the weather was cold and cloudy. It almost started raining within an  hour,by that time we had placed ourselves inside the temple. Cooked the lunch,took some rest and started to go around  the hill,to visit the forts.

The night stay in the temple was shared with around 70 people from different teams. We cooked  the dinner and had to manage with less Dal than Rice. Then the morning was awesome with noodles in the breakfast and then moved around for visiting some different forts. And then the climbing down started.

Overall, it was a cool journey. Everyone of us were perfectly fit throughout the trek. There were spots, which we had to climb almost 70 degrees slope and on the side of the hill. These were spots which had only rocks in it and you have to make your mind before climbing up/down.

Made some cool new friends. Knew some friends in depth. Got an experience for life time. And finally get my old  dream of visiting  places rolling.

Thank you guys for making me a  part of the trekking team.Looking forward to keep up with you guys.



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