My first experience with iPhone development

Recently I started diving into iPhone development as a matter of a project requirement. I had never used MAC before and for me the Operating system is new. So I took time to understand things there first.Why? For,iPhone development you must get a MAC running on intel core!!Yeah,you must get into the Leopard Operating sytem with an intel core. Next is an IDE and fortunately you are provided with an IDE in MAC named XCode and for visual integration of components the IDE is called InterfaceBuilder. Now to develop for iPhone is to develop in ObjectiveC and its the same language used (except for some package differences) to develop for any other product of MAC and I felt good about that. The framework used is called COCOA and its on top of Objective-C language.
Objective-C is a written on C and its not C++. For a flash AS3 developer (any OOP language developer) it will look the same if you are keen to adopt the new coding standards in the language. The basics are intact as you have classes and events. Everything happens arround them but then there are strict guidelines as to how these classes and event handlers should be written and glued together.Well, the main differrence in Flash and iPhone development will be the player. While SWF still plays its content as a software renderer, Objective-C programs natively plays on the hardware and the UI elements are bitmaps which is in contrast to basic of Flash’s vector renderer.Obviously one does not have the timeline :) but there are multi-touch and accelerometer to give one hell lot of a option to play arround.
Well,after one completes a product for iphone one need to send it to Apple for approval of the product to be installed in the iphone. Once approved anyone can get it through AppStore. To submit to AppStore one need an account though,which is not free even for free applications.


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