Bye-bye 2009, welcome 2010.

This was an eventful year for me. From technology to personal to everyday living,everything seemed to have something to say in this year. I would mark this year as a year after a very long time in my life, when there were changes happened which will be there for a long time in my life.  Looking forward to the next year with excitement and commitment to self while preserving all the great stuffs I did in this year.

was :


– started great with RED5 and JAVA
– got into HAXE,HippoHX(,SWHX
– written a framework for communicating to Flash Remoting on Red5
– hands-on Java for live project in RED5
– written a framework for flash games
– help making a good team of AS3 developers
– hands-on UML on live project
– got into SWFtools(
– hands on touch board applications on SMART( and Promethean(
– hands on iphone development
– started with HTML5/CSS3 and Javascsript
– learned some design patterns and frameworks in general and specific to different languages
– hosted 2 projects on google code(,
– got into Ubuntu at home for everyday things
– use Mac for the first time


– updated communication skills
– minimising assumptions about People
– begun motivating others intentionally
– went home after 2 long years(this one is huge on personal front)
– started trrecking again almost after 12 years
– started visiting places
– started praying consciously
– started focusing on things
– almost stopped watching TV
– got some friends near my current location,so spent some time with them


– started a local devmeet and design meet
– organised a design workshop in my locality
– put a socialnetwork online for the shy like me([ everyone is welcome :) ]


– sleep
– exercise
– breakfast

will :

– finishing things ( when I start an objective,must finish it )
– start with breakfast (sleep and exercise, I am not committing but will try)
– try to contribute more to the opensource community

Thank you all for reading this blog,as it always gives me motivation to write more because of you good people. With that I wish a very happy,prosporous and eventful new year 2010 to all my readers and all the people around the world.



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