Adapting new technology

While every year its all about new technology,this year too came with new hopes in technology. Amongst all the cool new technology,one thing is surely missing out,the connections. Physically socialnetworking. Before few years,friends used to come home or I used to go to places to wish the new year to near and dear ones. And all the time plan my new year cards in advance so as to make sure,the cards reach the destination on time. There used to be a kind of  fealing which can not be expressed in words. At the same time,used to wish I could have an option to wish my people,who are far from me, on the same day. When telephone came in,the joys were endless. I used to still go to places,people still used to come to my place to wish each other but then could also wish the fellows at distance through phone. Slowly but steadily people actually stopped going physically and started using technology to wish eachother.Though in the beginning it all felt good,now I am fealing there is a huge gap between “using technology for ourselves” and “using ourselves for technology”.  This year,I hardly get any phonecalls!! But got wishes,a lot of them. Twitter,Facebook,Orkut,gtalk, sms and the like. People started using them even inside family,where its a matter of moving to the next room and wish physically.

If that ignites a thought on you,think about it.

Wish all the best to all of you this new year and wish you to use technology to your advantage not yourself to technolgy’s advantage.



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